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Release Notes

Here are the notes for every project release. There are also links to the downloads page for each release at SourceForge. 

Since release 0.3, there are three download options: Binary release or Source and Binaries release for Windows and the source and binaries release for Linux.

If you choose Binary release, just unzip the downloaded file to any directory of your convenience and run Tactics.exe.

For the Source and Binaries release, you should also unzip the project to the directory of your choice. The project has been developed with Code::Blocks, which is available for both Windows and Linux. The code was compiled with gcc in both cases. For the Linux release, a Makefile is included.

Release 0.3 [Binary] [Source] [Linux]

The first complete tutorial mission. You can now order your soldier to move, fire and throw grenades at stationary targets. The game has been ported to the SDL library (see the Design page). 

Release 0.25 [Binary] [Source]

This is a little improvement over release 0.2. The main new feature is the Transmission Log, which will give you a little tutorial.

Release 0.2 [Binary] [Source]

This is a little test of the game tactical mode, you can select a single soldier and move him around the map. It also includes a more complete and bugfixed version of the Main Menu.

Release 0.1 [Binary] [Source]

Just a test of the GUI capabilities. The user is allowed to set a new screen resolution and bit depth.

Know issues (this means that the developers already know this and are working on it):

  • There are no comments on the source code
  • There is still a bit of error checking pending
  • The code needs a little tidying
  • The user has to restart the game to get the new resolution and bit depth.
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